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Liza Bruebach

From the steamer trunk.

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Images above and immediately below courtesy of E.H.

This striking young woman is Liza Bruebach. According to notes on the back of the original, the photo was taken circa 1911, at which time Liza was 27 years old.

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I know very little about her. I can't find her outside the 1910 Census. I've been told by a relative that Liza was married and then divorced, but neither that relative nor I can find any documentation.

The Hobart Historical Society has another photo of her, undated, but judging by appearances I think it was taken some years earlier.

2014-7-27. Bruebach - Liza
Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

She is so nicely dressed up that you'd think it one of those confirmation or eighth-grade-graduation* photos; on the other hand, would she strike such a casual pose for those important occasions? — that suggests quite a lively personality. If this was a confirmation/graduation photo, it would probably date to the late 1890s. The photographer can be placed at that address from 1886 to 1900.

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Liza now rests in the mausoleum of the Bruebach family in Crown Hill Cemetery, Hobart.

2014-7-27. Bruebach mausoleum

*I can't find any record of her having completed high school.

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Suzi E. said...

From what I can gather based on info from Ancestry, Liza is a sibling of Johanna Bruebach Abel O'Malley. Their mother was a Manteuffel by all accounts. There are some errors in the surname transcriptions in the documents as well as in their fathers middle initial, but it ties the names together, as well as the Chicago-Hobart connection. Hope this helps!