Friday, May 23, 2014

Class of 1921: Grace Nelson

Hobart High School's class of 1921 included three of our acquaintances. Let's start with Grace Nelson.

5-23-2014 Grace Nelson 1921 Memories
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Images courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

She was the daughter of Charles and Lovisa Nelson, their second-to-youngest child. Grace lived with her widowed mother and her younger brother, Wayne, in the village of Ainsworth, where I believe they had moved soon after Lovisa retired from farming in late autumn 1915.

Another, undated portrait from the museum's files includes handwritten notes that tell of an important event in Grace's life to come in 1929 …

5-23-2014 Grace Nelson

…but we shall see how she spends her time until then.

The 1921 yearbook includes some clues about her personality and social life:

5-23-2014 Grace Nelson Character Page 1921

5-23-2014 Grace Nelson Class Will 1921

And these photos, from a collage of informal snapshots of the Class of 1921:

5-23-2014 Grace Nelson and Tin Lizzie 1921

I want to believe that the caption is not a joke — that Grace had a Tin Lizzie, or at least drove someone else's so often it might as well have been hers.

1920 Census.
♦ Hobart High School Memories yearbook, 1921.

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