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Mrs. and Mrs. Maicke of Ainsworth

Having been properly showered, Lesta Raschka soon became Mrs. Otto Maicke.

Raschka-Maicke wedding
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From the Hobart Gazette of 18 Mar. 1921.

Moving to Ainsworth would be something of a homecoming for Lesta, as she had spent 13 years of her childhood there, in the living quarters over the Ainsworth general store. The store, of course, had been sold to the Goldmans, but William Raschka still owned a grain warehouse — a reliable source of employment for sons-in-laws and nephews.

Before the homecoming, however, a honeymoon:

Mr. & Mrs. Maicke
From the Hobart News of 31 Mar. 1921.

… And the address of Fremont B. Price's insurance office in Gary.

♦ "Hobart Girl Married." Hobart Gazette 18 Mar. 1921.
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