Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Phone 289 for Moehl's Garage

I bought this little cigarette lighter some time ago; finally got around to attempting to photograph it, not very successfully, since it's little and round and has a heavy side and a light side and always wants to lie heavy side down. This is as good as it's going to get.

Moehl 1
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Moehl 2

Moehl 3

There's still a spark in the old thing!

Moehl spark

… but no fuel, probably, so no flame.

The building that once housed Moehl's Garage was at the northeast corner of the junction of Second and East Streets. I believe it was the one recently demolished and replaced by another building on the same site. Thank goodness for Google street view, which lags behind real time — they haven't sent their cameramobile down that street since the demolition, so I went in there and nabbed this picture:*

Possibly Moehl's from west

I have checked local directories; the earliest Moehl's Garage appears is 1947, and the latest, 1974. A 1956 directory gives the proprietor's name as Elmer, a 1962 directory has it as Lowell, but I think they might be the same guy.

*Why didn't I think to do that with the Crisman house right away? It's too late now. The cameramobile has gone down 73rd Avenue again.


mystoryandtheirs said...

Do you still have this?


Ainsworthiana said...

No, I donated it to the Hobart Historical Society. It's at the museum now.

mystoryandtheirs said...

Oh Well, I'm happy it's safe. Elmer Moehl was my 2nd-great uncle. Thanks for sharing this.