Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oil and Lumber and
What to Do on Saturday Night

A couple more entries in the "Hobart in Epitome" series that I found mildly interesting — the first updating us on some old acquaintances, Lewis E. Barnes, Calvin C. Shearer, and William J. Killigrew.

Oil and Lumber, "Hobart in Epitome"
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As for what to do on a lovely Saturday night in April … if you aren't afraid of catching the measles that are going around …

Saturday night and measles
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Wings of the Morning had a fantastic story line and a handsome leading man.

Lone Wolf's Daughter
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In other old-acquaintance news, on April 19, 1920, Miss May Blachly bought the Louise Jacobs house and lot on Lake Street. Perhaps May was tired of living with her mother, or intended to rent out the house. Although house numbers were coming into vogue, this time no address was given. The Hobart Gazette described the house as being located "between the Fetterer and the Hancock property," which doesn't tell me much. My 1947 telephone directory shows a Walter Blachly living at 674 S. Lake Street; perhaps we shall find out if that had ever been May's house.

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