Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wettengel House(?), Part 1

I am now going to post a bunch of pictures of a house and garden, purportedly belonging to the Wettengel family. And furthermore I'm going to drag it out over several days, because I've got all kinds of stuff going on right now and it's easier to post pictures than to read microfilm and write stories.

And so, let us begin. These photos are undated. Someone wrote descriptions on the back, someone else typed them up as captions when the photos were put in plastic and backed with cardboard so they would hold up as posterity mauled them about.

For this first one, I scanned the caption as well as the photo.

Wettengel house, southwest view
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All images in this post courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

This one is described as "Wettengel house, east view."

Wettengel house, east view

This sadly unfocused one is "Wettengel house, south view."

Wettengel house, south view

More to come.

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