Sunday, September 17, 2017

Toothed Spurge

This is not a wildflower of Ainsworth. This is a wildflower of the first rest stop on I-65 south of Ainsworth.

2017-9-17. Toothed spurge colony
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It is called Toothed Spurge.

2017-9-17. Toothed spurge

It likes to hang out in farmers' field, so no wonder I found it among all that Indiana farmland.

It has tiny and unimpressive blossoms.

2017-9-17. Toothed spurge blossoms

So far as I can tell, it serves no purpose except its own existence.

♦    ♦    ♦

Of course, I was heading down to Purdue U. Veterinary Teaching Hospital when I took these pictures. I took a couple more pictures in Lafayette.

Here's a mural called Sunday morning Wabash River, painted by Zach Medler, after Seurat.

2017-9-17. Sunday Morning Wabash River

And the flowchart outside Main Street Books.

2017-9-17. Flowchart

(I was not charged for this picture since I bought some books.)

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