Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Walter Davis Quits Farming

It's February 1923 — February; a good time to decide you want to join the crowd who've quit farming, and let someone else have a chance at the Krull farm for the spring planting.

2017-7-12. Walter Davis quits farming
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Hobart News 8 Feb. 1923.

I just saw that reference to Ainsworth in the farm's location and thought I had better include this, but I have no idea who Walter Davis was. Never heard of him before. I think he might be the guy whose name was transcribed as "Havis" on, in which case the 1920 Census recorded him living with his wife, Edna, and their four children in Winfield Township, farming rented land. Maybe the Krull farm; I don't know. His eldest son might be the Leslie Davis whose Ford touring car made it into a "South of Deepriver" column in the summer of 1922, when Leslie was about 17.

If so, then by 1930 Walter Davis, true to his word, was in Crown Point not farming, and I have a feeling I need not pay any more attention to him.

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Rachel said...

The spelling errors they can make on those old censuses sometimes are astounding lol.