Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wildflowers of Ainsworth: Cow Parsnip

This blooming plant, about four feet tall, was growing next to the intersection of Ainsworth and Country Club Roads (aka Spencer Street), on Deep River County Park property.

2017-6-14. Cow Parsnip 1
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Per Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: "Very broad (4-8" wide) cluster of white flowers. The petals are indented at the tip, and the outer petals are apt to be larger and deeply cleft."

2017-6-14. Cow Parsnip 2

"Base of leaves enlarged into a clasping sheath. … Stem woolly."

2017-6-14. Cow Parsnip 3

It doesn't say anything about those slender little salmon-colored bugs that seem to be very fond of the flowers.

2017-6-14. Cow Parsnip 4

Cow parsnip can cause a nasty rash — like wild parsnip.

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