Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Gas Truck on a Snowy Day

For some reason I just love this photo (dated 1949) from the Tonagel collection …

2017-2-22. img888
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Image courtesy of the Hobart Historical Society.

… perhaps because I really want to know what its subject is, if it has one.

The fuzzy but straight line along the bottom of the photo makes me think it was shot through a window, perhaps from inside the Tonagels' living quarters behind their store. Beyond one of the tourist cabins out back, we see a gas truck* heading north on State Road 51 — at least, that's what I see. But maybe the truck barged into the frame as the photographer tried to capture the fairy-tale kingdom of snow growing out of the dull landscape of Ainsworth.

Or maybe the photographer was just testing the camera, and might have shot any old thing through the window (since it was too dark inside to photograph, and too cold to go outside).

Don't you wonder?

*Eldon Harms identified it as a gas truck, and theorized that it might have just delivered the product that the Tonagels sold from their pumps out front.

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