Friday, October 21, 2016

Morning-Glory Plume Moth

Most of my adult life I have been letting dogs out at night, and while they take care of business, looking at the living things that congregate around dusk-to-dawn lights in mild weather, and saying to myself, "Strange creatures come out at night" — usually while looking at one of these:

2016-10-21. Morning-glory plume moth 2
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Finally I have learned that they are not so strange after all. They are just moths; specifically, plume moths, and this one is a Morning-Glory Plume Moth — so called, I gather, because its caterpillars feed on plants in the morning-glory family.

They roll their wings up when not using them.

2016-10-21. Morning-glory plume moth 1

My moth-identification book helpfully includes a ruler printed inside the back cover.

A couple of weeks after I took the photos above, I found a morning-glory plume moth that had gotten into my house.

2016-10-21. Morning-glory plume moth on screen

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Anonymous said...

Could that Pflughofft advertisement be Dale Resnick's work?
My neck hairs say it is.