Monday, May 23, 2016

Wildflowers of Ainsworth: Wild Hyacinth

I had tons of work to do, but I said — I won't repeat exactly what I said, and then I took the dogs for a long stroll in Deep River County Park and found some wildflowers I hadn't seen before. Exhibit 1: wild hyacinths.

2016-5-23. Hyacinth 1
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The long, narrow leaves belong to the wild hyacinths, which have only basal leaves.

Hyacinths are named after the young Greek fellow who died after being accidentally hit on the head by a discus (but now I'm finding out that foul play on the part of the West Wind is suspected).

2016-5-23. Hyacinth 2

This one hasn't even begun to bloom:

2016-5-23. Hyacinth 3

They bloom, and then fade, from the bottom up.

2016-5-23. Hyacinth 4

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Rachel said...

Very pretty.