Friday, January 22, 2016

A Beautiful Country Home

At the turn of the 20th century, somewhere on "the gravel road" south of Hobart — which I believe to be Grand Blvd./S.R. 51 — stood a "beautiful country home":

2016-1-22. H.W. Amlar home
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Hobart Gazette 18 Jan. 1901.

While I have not figured out exactly where this country home stood, in February 1901, it was purchased by George Hayward, so I suspect it was on the Hayward farm … which would mean that the beautiful country home is no more.

As for Mr. H.W. Amlar, whose first name is later given as Harry, he's an interesting character, if I've identified him correctly. He was born in 1839 (maybe in Ireland, maybe Michigan; sources differ) and lived for some years in Chicago. At least as early as 1867, he was a "circusman." He traveled with the circus — so he told the 1880 census enumerator; that may explain why it's so difficult to find him in any other census! He and his wife, Mary, had only one child, a daughter named Frances, and through her a grandson named Lester. Poor Harry did not long survive the sale of his beautiful country home; he died September 1, 1901.

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Since we're back in 1901 for the moment, notice some news of the Lathrop family on the page above: Charles Lathrop is holding a public sale on the Lathrop homestead. As you may remember from my Lathrop summary, in 1901 the Lathrop homestead was sold to Gib Bullock.

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