Monday, September 28, 2015

The Y&W Drive-In Theater

Here's the entrance to the Y&W Drive-In in August 1953, and roughly the same area in Sept. 2015:

Y-W 2015
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It's not an exact duplicate shot — that would have required me to walk out into the weeds, and I wasn't in a weed-walking mood the day I took that photo.

The top image comes from a slide, one of five that I bought some time ago. They came to me with no date; that I had to determine based on the movies on the marquee. Here is the corresponding ad from the Gary Post-Tribune of Friday, August 14, 1953:

Y-W ad

These two movies would run together through Thursday, August 20. Our photos must date to sometime during those seven days.

The Y&W had its grand opening on May 29, 1953. Here is its ad for that event, from the Gary Post-Tribune of Thursday, May 28, 1953:

Grand Opening ad

And scans of the other four slides:





… No, we don't know who those men are.

The slides themselves are now the property of the Merrillville/Ross Township Historical Society.

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LLoyd Puchek said...

Great photo's of the Y & W Drive In ! My wife Denise, grew in the subdivision, know as Turkey Creek Meadows, back behind the Y & W Drive In . My wife Denise was on many of dates with her boyfriend at this drive in. Thanks for posting these photos of this drive in, my wife will really love see them !