Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sarah Read

At 76 years of age, Sarah Read had still been trying to make herself useful while she struggled with heart disease; but as January 1922 passed into February, Sarah gave up the fight.

2015-4-15. Sarah Read obituary
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Hobart News 2 Feb. 1922.

She had no biological children, I gather, but her stepchildren did not make the distinction in thanking those who helped them in their bereavement:

2015-4-15. Read family card of thanks
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Hobart News 9 Feb. 1922.

Arthur J. Newman (brother of Paul and Lillie, among others) was named executor of Sarah's estate. I don't know of any family relation between them.

I'm trying to determine whether this Arthur Newman, who ran a confectionery shop, was the same Arthur Newman who ran the news stand. At the moment I think they were different people — I have the impression that Confectionery Arthur's middle initial was "J" but News-Stand Arthur's was "A," only I can't lay my hands on anything in writing to prove it.

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