Monday, January 27, 2014

Third and Main for the Millionth Time

I know, I know: we've seen Third and Main over and over again, but I don't believe we've seen this exact, precise view, which is why I bought it.

3rd looking E from Main
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The postmark is unclear, but looks to me like 1924. That seems consistent with the style of the ATS building's fa├žade (it was remodeled in 1926) and the cars in the street.

3rd looking E from Main verso

I haven't identified the sender or the receiver.

I just wish somebody could explain this thing to me:

This Thing


Anonymous said...

Now you have ME wondering!

Anonymous said...

Since the card Is from a drugstore, perhaps it it some sort of advertisement, like those huge vegetables on a 'things grow bigger in Kansas' postcard?

Ainsworthiana said...

Like maybe a gigantic pill? :) No idea. It looks like there might be lettering around the edges of the front, but if so it's totally illegible. Hmm, maybe somebody from a marching band left his big drum sitting in the street?